Villa Holidays, your questions answered

Why choose a villa holiday?

There are many reasons why you might choose a villa holiday, especially with small children:

Privacy and Space:

  • Escape the crowds: Enjoy your own private space instead of shared hotel facilities, ideal for letting kids run around freely.
  • Spread out and relax: No more cramped hotel rooms! Villas offer multiple bedrooms and living areas, perfect for families.
  • Peace and quiet: No noisy neighbors or thin walls – enjoy tranquility on your own terms.

Flexibility and Convenience:

  • Home away from home: Cook meals as you please, adjust schedules to your family’s needs, and set your own pace. Or eat out whenever you want
  • Poolside fun: Enjoy a private pool for splashing, swimming, and relaxation, without sharing with other guests.
  • Explore at your own pace: No fixed mealtimes or activities – come and go as you please and explore the surroundings on your own schedule.

Family-Friendly Features:

  • Gated pools: Keep curious young explorers safe and contained within the pool area.
  • Private gardens: Let kids play outdoors securely in your own enclosed space.
  • Amenities galore: Many villas offer features like BBQs, game rooms, and even child-proof equipment for added convenience.

Value for Money:

  • Cost-effective for groups: Villas can be more affordable than multiple hotel rooms, especially when split between families.
  • Self-catering options: Save money on dining out by preparing meals in your own kitchen.
  • Unique experiences: Enjoy local markets and restaurants for an authentic flavor, unlike the limited options at hotels.

Overall, villa holidays offer a unique blend of privacy, flexibility, and family-friendly features, making them a perfect choice for a relaxing and memorable vacation with your little ones.

Is a villa holiday better than a hotel holiday?

A villa holiday can be better than a hotel holiday for several reasons, depending on your preferences and priorities:

  • Privacy: Villas offer a higher level of privacy compared to hotels. You have the entire property to yourself, which is especially appealing for couples, families, or groups seeking seclusion and intimacy.
  • Space: Villas typically provide more space, with separate bedrooms, living areas, and often a fully equipped kitchen. This added space is ideal for families, offering a home-like environment where everyone can spread out and relax comfortably.
  • Flexibility: Villa holidays allow you to set your own schedule. You can cook your meals when you want, dine al fresco, and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere without adhering to hotel dining hours or dress codes.
  • Cost-Effective for Groups: Villas can be more cost-effective, especially for larger groups. Splitting the cost of a villa rental among several travellers can often be more budget-friendly than booking multiple hotel rooms.
  • Amenities: Many villas come with private amenities like pools, gardens, and outdoor spaces, providing an exclusive and luxurious experience. You can enjoy these amenities without sharing them with other guests.
  • Local Experience: Staying in a villa immerses you in the local community and culture, allowing you to live like a local. You can shop at local markets, interact with neighbours, and truly experience the destination.
  • Safety: Villas can offer enhanced security and privacy, making them appealing for those who value safety and seclusion.
  • Personalisation: You can choose a villa that suits your specific needs, whether it’s a cosy romantic getaway, a family-friendly retreat, or a group celebration. Villa options vary widely, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Ultimately, the choice between a villa and a hotel holiday depends on your individual preferences and the type of experience you desire.

Are villas value for money?

Villa holidays can offer excellent value for money for several reasons:

  • Cost-Effective for Groups: Villas often provide more space and multiple bedrooms, making them a cost-effective choice for families or groups of friends travelling together. When you split the cost of the villa among several travellers, it can be more affordable than booking multiple hotel rooms.
  • Savings on Dining: With a fully equipped kitchen, you have the option to prepare your meals, reducing dining expenses. This can be especially advantageous for longer stays, as dining out at restaurants for every meal can add up quickly.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Many villas come with private amenities like pools, gardens, and outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy these facilities without sharing them with other guests. This exclusivity enhances the overall value of your stay.
  • Flexibility: Villa holidays offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and activities. You can set your own agenda, cook meals at your convenience, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere without adhering to hotel schedules and policies.
  • Home-Like Comfort: Villas often provide a home-like environment with separate living areas and bedrooms, allowing you to spread out and enjoy added comfort and privacy compared to a single hotel room.
  • Long-Term Stays: Villas are well-suited for longer stays, making them a cost-effective choice for extended vacations or work trips where you can settle in and feel at home.
  • Local Experience: Staying in a villa allows you to immerse yourself in the local community and culture, providing a richer travel experience without the need for costly tourist activities.
  • Special Occasions: Villas are excellent options for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or milestone celebrations, offering a unique and memorable setting for your event.
  • Reduced Extra Charges: Some hotels may charge extra fees for services like parking, Wi-Fi, and resort facilities. Many villas include these amenities in the rental price, reducing hidden costs.

Do you need a car for a villa?

Whether you need a car for a villa holiday depends on several factors:

  • Villa Location. Consider where the villa is situated. If it’s in a remote or rural area without easy access to public transportation or amenities, having a car may be more convenient.
  • Activities and Sightseeing. Think about the activities you plan to do during your stay. If you intend to explore the local area, visit nearby attractions, or dine out frequently, having a car can make transportation more convenient.
  • Villa Amenities. Some villas are designed to be self-contained with all the amenities you need on-site, including a fully equipped kitchen and a private pool. If you’re planning a relaxing retreat and don’t intend to leave the villa much, you may not need a car.
  • Personal Preferences. Consider your personal preferences and how much independence and flexibility you desire during your vacation. Having a car allows you to come and go as you please.
  • Group Size. If you’re travelling with a larger group, sharing the cost of renting a car can make it more economical and practical.
  • Local Transportation Options. Research the availability of taxis, rideshare services, and public transportation in the area. If reliable and affordable options are readily available, you may not need a car.

In summary, the need for a car during a villa holiday depends on the villa’s location, your planned activities, and your personal preferences. It’s advisable to research the specific circumstances of your trip and assess whether a car would enhance your convenience and mobility while staying at the villa.
If you are not that keen on driving abroad, please visit our villas no car required page

Do villa holidays include flights?

Not all villa companies include flights. Villa Select is different in that you can book either the villa only or flights can be included. Including flights can make the whole villa holiday easier to book. No worries if flights are going to be available!
Have a look at our villa holidays including flights 

Can you book villas with gated pools?

A villa with a gated pool is perfect for villa holidays if you have young children. While young children should always be kept an eye on, with a gated pool you can relax in the knowledge that they won’t go where they’re not meant to.
View our villas with gated pools.

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